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1951 Studebaker truck- the customer owner of this truck contacted us from South Carolina and asked if we could do the restoration on his truck. We agreed to do so and he actually drove the truck up here from South Carolina and drop it off and flew home. We did an overall strip and restoration on the body and paint.

Including re building all of the lower cab corners rockers doors fenders and tailgate with new sheet metal. along with some custom touches such as welding the rear bedside fenders to the bed creating a custom seamless look that not many people would know unless they truly are a Studebaker fan.

The outside of the truck was sprayed with a pearl root beer bronze custom mix and then buried with House of Kolor show clear. along with a custom faux wood grain finish that was airbrushed on the bed floor by Mike Krug. The interior had been all overhauled reupholstered., with custom built door panels, kick panels, headliner and new stereo system. The dash had new gauges installed and the dash been restored and painted same colors of the truck. Along with the interior, the dash was custom hand-spun Metal effect on the dashboard gauge cluster

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